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Best Tours in Ecuador

Celebrating 18 Years of Epic Journeys in 2024! – Best Tours in Ecuador Hey adventure seekers, Guess what? Ecuador Eco Adventure is turning 18, and we’re throwing the doors wide open for our 2024 mountain climbing season! Can you believe it’s been 18 years of guiding awesome folks through Ecuador’s jaw-dropping landscapes? Well, we can’t, […]

Conquer Antisana

Conquer Antisana: A Thrilling Adventure with Ecuador Eco Adventure When it comes to high-altitude adventures and conquering the majestic peaks of the Andes, Antisana Volcano stands as a beacon for climbers seeking the ultimate thrill. Rising to the challenge of scaling this dormant giant offers not only an adrenaline rush but also an opportunity to […]

Is Chimborazo Suitable for Beginers?

Is Chimborazo Suitable for Beginers? Mount Chimborazo, an awe-inspiring stratovolcano situated in the Andes of Ecuador, is a true gem for mountaineers worldwide. Its towering peak rises to an impressive altitude of 6,263 meters (20,548 feet) above sea level, making it a tantalizing challenge to conquer. What sets Chimborazo apart is its unique claim to […]

5 Tips For Acclimatizing To High Altitude

Assuming you’re a bold explorer looking for the excitement of conquering transcending tops, Chimborazo in Ecuador is an elating test worth considering. It is Ecuador’s tallest peak at 6,263 meters (20,548 feet) above sea level and is one of the most challenging climbs in the world. However, it is essential to acclimatize to the high […]

Exploring Ecuador’s Climbing Season

Exploring Ecuador’s Climbing Season: Challenges, Triumphs, and Unforgettable Adventures As a team of experienced climbers and mountain guides, we have witnessed the remarkable beauty and unpredictable nature of Ecuador’s climbing season. With its towering peaks, diverse landscapes, and awe-inspiring vistas, this South American gem has become a playground for adventurers seeking thrilling mountaineering experiences. Today, […]

The Charles Darwin Station

Exploring Ecuador’s Biodiversity Gem: The Charles Darwin Station Welcome to Ecuador Eco Adventure, where we strive to connect nature enthusiasts with the most captivating and environmentally significant destinations. In our latest expedition, we had the privilege of visiting the renowned Charles Darwin Station, a place where conservation and research converge to protect the unique Galapagos […]

Climbing the Andes in Ecuador

Climbing the Andes in Ecuador: A Guide to the 2023-2024 Season Ecuador is a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, and the Andes mountain range is no exception. For avid climbers, the Andes offer a unique challenge and experience, with some of the highest peaks in South America waiting to be conquered. […]

Introducing Ecuador Hopping

What is Ecuador Hopping? If you’re planning a trip to Ecuador and want to see the best of what this beautiful country has to offer, then Ecuador hopping may be just the thing for you. This all-inclusive hop-on hop-off bus service, offered through a partnership between Ecuador Eco Adventure and Rioempres Tours, takes travelers to […]

Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

The Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is a diverse and ecologically rich region that covers the eastern part of the country. It is part of the greater Amazon Rainforest, which spans nine countries in South America. This region is known for its incredible biodiversity and unique ecosystems, making it a critically important area for conservation. The Amazon […]