Flying to the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador. The only way to get to the Galapagos Islands from mainland Ecuador is by plane which touches down on two airports: Seymour Airport (GPS) on Baltra Island and San Cristobal Airport (SCY) on San Cristobal Island. Flights to the Galapagos Islands depart from Quito (UIO), Guayaquil (GYE), and San Cristobal (SCY) in Ecuador.

1. Charles Darwin Research Station: Located on the island of Santa Cruz, this research station is dedicated to the study and preservation of the Galapagos Islands. Here, visitors can learn about the conservation efforts of the islands and explore the museum, library, and outdoor trails. 

2. Tortuga Bay: This beach is a great place to relax and explore the crystal-clear waters of the Galapagos. You can spot sea lions, iguanas, and other wildlife as you stroll along the shore.

3. Isabela Island: This volcanic island is the largest in the Galapagos, and it’s home to a variety of wildlife. You can take a boat tour to explore the island’s unique wildlife, or take a hike to the top of the volcano for breathtaking views.

4. Kicker Rock: This is a volcanic rock formation located off the coast of San Cristobal Island. It’s a great place to go snorkeling or diving, as the crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility. You may even spot sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, and other marine life.

5. Floreana Island: This island is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Galapagos penguin. Here, you can take a guided tour to explore the island’s unique flora and fauna. You can also take a boat tour around the island to spot dolphins and other marine life.

Isabela Island is the largest of the Galapagos Islands and is located off the coast of Ecuador. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The island is known for its unspoiled beauty, and is home to many species of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Isabela Island’s top attractions include:

1. Volcan Chico: This is one of the most active volcanoes in the Galapagos Islands and offers breathtaking views.

2. Sierra Negra Volcano: This is the second largest volcano in the Galapagos Islands and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

3. Tintoreras Islet: This is a small islet located off the coast of Isabela Island and is home to a large population of white-tipped reef sharks.

4. Wall of Tears: This is a wall built by prisoners during the 1950s and is a reminder of the island’s dark past.

5. Tortoise Breeding Center: This is a great place to learn about the giant tortoises that inhabit the Galapagos Islands.

6. Flamingo Lagoon: This is a great spot for bird watching, as it is home to a large population of flamingos.

7. Los Tuneles: This is a network of lava tunnels that offer visitors a unique view of the underwater world.