Woaorani Expedition

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Woaorani Expedition

For tourists interested in traveling further into the Ecuador Jungle, we offer a 5-6 day camping tour.  It offers the amazing opportunity to visit and learn from the Huaorani people in their home communities, see the beautiful Nushino River and Oxbow Lake, hike in primary forest, and fall asleep to the sounds of various animals and insects around your tent at night.



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  1. Day 1 Meet in Tena and drive 77 km along the Napo River to the Lodge. One the way, there is the opportunity to see many different birds and sometimes monkeys. After 2.5 hours, we arrive before just before dark, in time for a welcome cocktail. Then we have short walk nearby the lodge to discover the surrounding jungle and let you settle into our cabins before dinner.

  2. Day 2 In the morning after an early breakfast, we pack our equipment and set out with a native guide. We will discover flora and fauna of the Huaorani Territory, as well as various medicinal plants. The native Huaorani guide will teach you what life is like in the jungle and how to survive through demonstrations of recollection of jungle fruits, how make the traditional houses, and how make handicrafts. We will have a packed lunch in the primary forest and continue hiking in the afternoon until we reach camp and cook dinner

  3. Day 3 After breakfast, we will take a 3-4 hour hike that traverses both terra firmer land (never flooded whose composition is predominantly tall trees with title understory vegetation) and varzea (occasionally floated) forest, winding through majestic trees and across quiet streams. The trail has two overlooks and the opportunity to rest or even see Vulture Eagles. From there the tour arrives at the Nushino River where you can enjoy a swim. The Huaorani love swimming and playing in the water and may join you, and then lunch is served on the beach. In the early afternoon we will set up camp close to the river and go fishing for dinner.

  4. Day 4 In the morning after breakfast we will drift down the river in canoe and observe various birds and animals. After lunch, we will follow the Nushino River to the Huaorani village called Tepapare where you’ll be able to learn about life in the community, and buy beautiful hand-made local jewelry, weapon, necklaces, bags, and hammocks. You can also try the traditional local chicha drink made from plantain or yucca, and also try your luck with the blowgun. In the afternoon we continue down the Nushino River and arrive at a hidden lagoon to go fishing. Here we will camp and make dinner, and after eating go for a night hike-most rainforest animals are nocturnal, especially mammals and amphibians, so this is your best chance to see some of these elusive creatures or at least hear them climbing through the trees or digging for food. The stars of the night are the insects and bats, both attracted by your light, and other animals reveal their presence by the reflection of their eyes, especially caimans around the lake.

  5. Day 5 In the early morning after breakfast we head to Oxbow Lake formed by the Nushino River and hike around it. If we leave early enough, we can catch many birds and even the extraordinary Hoatzin (one of the few birds that feed almost exclusively on leaves) as well anacondas, capybaras, (world’s largest rodent) and caimans (types of alligator). We will have lunch at the lake and go down river in canoe, where we’ll arrive at the Huaorani Trail to hike with a native guide. We will arrive at Meñepare and Gareno community, and finally arrive back at the Lodge before dark.

  6. Day 6 We will wake up early in the morning for an optional hike and then pack up our things to leave, heading back to Tena.