Galapagos Island Vacations

Galapagos Island Vacations

This past January i took my yearly visit to the Galapgos Ilands, I stayed for over 8 days in Santa Cruz, and experienced new and known atractions on my own, as a solo traveler.


My friends and guides were waiting for me in the Airport, we took the 1 hour drive from Aiport to Puerto Ayora, and cugh tuo since my last visit on May 2017

This time i was taking a new GoPro to catch some of the Galapagos Islands best places.

Bay Tour:

This is a basic tour set in the galapagos islands, is  a sailible trip that takes you to the 5 points close to Puerto Ayora

  • Point Franklin
  • Love Chanel
  • Grietas
  • Perros Beach Galapagos Islands Vacations
  • Lobera

In each sopot you see unique wildlife, a great sun bathing place for iguanas too, and in Grietas you can cool off with a swim, and do a bit of snorkeling, although the best snorkeling is right after in the reefs of the Love Channel.

This simple tour takes about 3-4 hours so you are done by lunch time, in the afternoon you can use some of your free time and visit the well known free atractions like Charles Darwin Station and Tortuga Bay

Rancho Primicias:

We work with this ranch sending Volunteers and Toursits. to this wonderful location, the farm is owned by locals and it has turned to tourism to help with the conservation of the islands and the Giant Galapagos Turtles, this private ranch is located next to the Chato reserve, and is home to houndreds of giant turtles that live peacefully in the highlands.

Galapagos Islands Tour

Discovery Diving:

This was one of the best hings I have ever done in the Galapagos Islands, or in My Life! it is hard to describe entering an entirely new world, a diving instructor, places a floating device and attached to it, a cord that anchors in the sea flor about 10 mts bellow, as a beginer, you can slowly make your way down to the ocean flor, with the instructor carefuly guiding you step by step, once there, you start the adventure, the species you see here up close are alot diferent to the ones staying in the coral reefs, moving underwater, and breathing normaly, is also something that seems out of this world.

Definatly an experience i would recomend to every one, taking a diving tour in the galapgos, even if you are a beginer lik myself you will find an option to take this experience off your Galapagos Bucket List.

Bartolome Island – Santiago:

When you Google “Bartolome Island” this is the first thing that pops out, as is the most iconic place of the islands, where only few people are allowed to visit it every day, so make sure you have a seat in case you want to visit the place, is astonishing to see the volcanic formation of this small island, as well as the isolation of Santiago Island on the distance, this is a sight seen tour, you trek to get the best views frome the top.

After the short trek, you can then do some snorkeling in the coastline of Santiago island, then you will be served lunch prior the return to the main island of santa Cruz where tour ends.

Bartolome Island Tour

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