Incredible Outdoor Adventures in Ecuador

Incredible Outdoor Adventures in Ecuador

Located at the top of South America, bordered by Peru and Columbia is the country of Ecuador. The city’s history began with the Inca Empire up until the Spanish arrived, and then it was used as a colony for nearly 300 years until it became independent from Spain back in 1822. 

This beautiful place is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and its territory also stretches into the Galapagos Islands. Within those islands, you can find a big variety of plants, reptiles and birds, and in fact, the country is one of the most diverse in the whole world.

With nine national parks home to over 25,000 plant species, Ecuador is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts to travel to. In fact, it was the first country ever to recognize the rights to nature. Looking to go on outdoor adventures? We have some spectacular options in Ecuador. 

You will probably be flying into the country’s capital city, Quito, which is the perfect place to start your incredible outdoor adventures. Before heading out into the pristine wilderness, find somewhere safe to keep your personal belongings. Store your bags in a Quito luggage storage facility and get ready for the time of your life.

What to Pack for Your Trip to Ecuador

If you are planning to spend lots of time outdoors, there are essentials to pack. These items will help you stay safe and prepared for any situation.

  • Hiking backpack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Good footwear (hiking boots or trail shoes)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

Quito – Explore the Quilotoa Crater

The Quilotoa Crater is found inside a volcano located in the Ecuadorian Andes mountains, and if you are up for the adventure it will be one of the most memorable activities of your lifetime. Inside the heart of the crater you will find a stunning turquoise lake, and although it can be quite a journey to reach it will absolutely be worth it.

You can get to the crater by hiking the Quilotoa Loop which can take anywhere between 2 to 5 days, although you can also sign up for a private day trip that will bring you right to the lake. 

On the trip, you will be driven right to the summit of the volcano where you can admire the lake from a distance before trekking down to it, all while being told information about the area by your guide. If you want, you can even get onto the water yourself by renting a kayak.

Guayaquil – Cerro Blanco Forest

With the famous Iguana Park where the majestic lizards roam free as well as the Guayaquil Historical Park which is home to an impressive 50 different animal species, this city in Ecuador is definitely a top destination for nature lovers. Don’t miss Cerro Blanco Forest which is situated right at the edge of the city. The park spans a total of six thousand hectares and there is so much to explore.

Once here you can take your pick from four guided trails, each one offering a different experience and challenge level. This is a great place for people of all ages and backgrounds to visit since you can choose the path that best suits your experience and capabilities. 

Keep an eye out for wildlife of all kinds including ocelots, kinkajou, mantled howler monkeys and jaguars. Birdwatchers can take their time spotting a variety of species like the wind-winged pigeon, the Guayaquil parrot, the saffron goldfinch or the gray-dorsal hawk, just to name a few.

Cuenca – Amaru Biopark

If you enjoyed seeing the wildlife in other parts of Ecuador, you will love being at Amaru Biopark in Cuenca since you may get the opportunity to see marvelous creatures up close. This nature reserve is run by a non-profit conservation organization and they do their best to help animals found in unfortunate situations, like trafficking or being in circuses and give them the life that they deserve here. The animals are enclosed in very big spaces where they can wander and live naturally but safely.

Here, you can see some of Ecuador’s native species that you might not have been able to spot otherwise. On top of that, the way that the park is made will keep you active since the different areas are spread out pretty far from one another all over the side of the mountain. This means that to get from one place to another you will need to make your way through the hiking trails.

Baños – Ruta de las Cascadas

As a place known for natural thermal baths and adventure sports, Baños is the ultimate destination for an outdoor adventure in Ecuador. The Ruta de las Cascadas is an unmissable experience for anyone who likes to be active or who just wants to explore beautiful landscapes since this trek has not one, not two, but seven incredible waterfalls for you to admire. The rest of the hike is almost just as magical as well.

If you want a real thrill we recommend renting out a mountain bike, which is offered for a reasonable price, and taking on the downhill path that way. It should also help you save energy which you will need when you are at the Pailon del Diablo waterfall park. Get ready to participate in events like zip-lining, taking in the views on a cable car, or testing your fear of heights on the huge suspension bridge.

The Adventure Seekers Guide to Ecuador

From stunning beaches and tropical rainforests to historical cities and culture, there is no doubt that Ecuador is a beautiful and fascinating place. Its natural beauty is one of the country’s top highlights and luckily there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy it, with each city having a whole new selection of places to discover. So book your tickets, pack your hiking shoes, and get ready for breathtaking outdoor adventures in Ecuador.