Month: March 2018

Isla Corazon Manabi

Isla Corazon Manabi What do you call an island that is shaped like a Heart, well simply, Isla Corazon Manabi ( Island of Heart). This strange island, which is so much an island but rather a floating gathering of thousands of Mangrove trees, Is a natural reserve in the Manabi Province of Ecuador which is home to one of the largest populations of Frigate birds in the Pacific. Frigates are…

DIY Galapagos Santa Cruz Island

DIY Galapagos Santa Cruz Island This are the "Best Tips for DIY Galapagos Santa Cruz Island" so you can make the most out of your visit to this islands. Getting there. Flights leave from Quito or Guayaquil, something you should know is that airlines will try to sale tickets alot higher to foreigners, and also agencies, some can raise the airticket up to $300 more than it should cost, Flight…

A la découverte du Yasuni

A la découverte du Yasuni Aujourd’hui je vous emmène avec moi à a découverte du Yasuni ! Après quelques heures de voyage entre Riobamba et la Coca, j’arrive enfin à destination. Là je rencontre Otorino (notre futur guide) et Maximiliano son fils qui m’expliquent un peu l’histoire du lieu et des peuples Quichuas, Waorani et Shuar. Par la suite nous prenons un petit bateau dans lequel nous naviguons 2h30 sur le…

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