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Oxygen for Chimborazo

The use of Oxygen in mountain climbing is a common fact, especially for climbs above 6000 m (19000 feet), nowadays, this practice has made climbs such as K2 and Everest a lot more feasible, with climbers paying sherpas exclusively to carry oxygen and providing the climbers body and condition, with more chances to reach the dreamed summit. This is not a common practice in Ecuador, as our mountains are "fast…

Amazon Back Packer Road Trip

Amazon Road Trip  I woke up comfortably at six in the morning, mentally prepared for what was to be one of the most exciting days of my life, the Amazon Back Packer Road Trip. After a quick breakfast, we packed our bags and strapped in our rubber boots and sleeping bags. We quickly filled gas in the car and began our journey to the Amazon. The drive was absolutely mind-blowing.…

Road Trip Baños – Ecuador Back Packing

Road Trip Baños - Ecuador - Back Packing Blog Aujourd’hui c’est parti pour une belle journée, en compagnie de Maria, Carlos et Wladimir ! Nous commençons par aller à Banos où nous profitons des eaux thermales qu’offre la ville grâce à la présence du volcan Tungurahua. Nous découvrons également les belles cascades présentent à Banos et l’impressionnantes force de l’eau ! Puis nous continuons l’aventure en rejoignant Puyo. En chemin nous nous…

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