Mountain Climbing Ecuador 2019 News

Ecuador Eco Adventure has become a leading mountain climbing company in Ecuador, in 2018 we beat a record of 276 organized expeditions to the major peaks of Ecuador where 85% of these groups specifically came to us for climbing Chimborazo 

That is over 300 climbers in 2018, with a success rate of 65%

This year we´ve decided to make this adventure safer too, so we are now offering adventure insurance as part of the climb costs.

We are also expanding to Quito, the countries capital, where we will start welcoming our clients from the moment they land in Ecuador.

This year we have permits to climb all major peaks of Ecuador

  • Ilinizas (NEW)
  • Carihuaorazo
  • Tungurahua
  • Sangay
  • Cayambe
  • Antisana
  • Cotopaxi
  • Chimborazo

Our objective is to help people reach the closest point from earth to the sun – Chimborazo´s summit

More exciting news for 2019 coming soon, we are happy and working very hard to maintain ourselves in the top