Ingapirka Inca Trail

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Ingapirca Inca TrailThe Ingapirca Inca Trail is over 500 years old and takes you over Ecuador’s beautiful paramo region. Surrounded by lagoons and lakes to the Incan ruins of Ingapirca

The Ingapirca Inca Trail Ecuador is over 500 years old and was used by messengers to communicate between outposts in the Incan Empire.

This trek follows the ancient trail for 3 days, past many lakes and lagoons through the beautiful Andean Paramo, until we arrive at the Incan Ruins of Inga Pirca.

This is a challenging trek, with the highest point being 4,800 meters (15,748 ft) on the peak of a mountain overlooking three lagoons.

While the Ingapirka Inca Trail, in Ecuador, is not as famous as its southern extension, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, it was actually more important during the last days of the Inca empire.

The Ecuadorian Inca Trail once connected the Incan empire’s northern capital Quito with the city at its heart, Cuzco in Peru.

Therefore, It was used to move trade and messengers as well as large marching armies during the civil war that broke out between the two Incan princes, Huáscar in Quito and Atahualpa in Cuzco.

Later, the Spanish called it the Camino Real (Royal Road) during their conquest of the Incan empire in the years after the Incan civil war.

Centuries later still, Commander Sucre, the Ecuadorian independence leader, led his troops over this Incan highway to fight the Spanish royalists, and the giant mounds of stones on the mountain pass mark the cemetery where hundreds of Commander Sucre’s troops were buried.

The Ingapirka Inca Trail is one of Ecuador´s best trekking destinations and experiences, as it is a mix of an archeological and educational destination as well as nature and outdoor experience with outstanding views.

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Ingapirca Inca Trail

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    Open Tours availible: Jan 22nd – February 12th – March 16th – April 14th

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    1. Day1 Achupallas

      Acchupallas, an old inca town in the Andes highlands. Here we will eat a traditional breakfast with our local guides family and then begin trail until we reach Cuchi Corral where we camp the first night.

    2. Day2 Paredones

      We follow the trail up to the Cordillera mountain complexes highest peaks that are surrounded by lakes, lagoons, rivers, and breathtaking views of the Ecuadorian Paramo. On the second night we will camp at the ancient Tambo ruins.

    3. Day3 Inga Pirka

      We continue the Incan Trail down to San Jose, the first community we reach before the ruins of Ingapirca. At Ingapirca the trek ends ends


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