Climb Chimborazo
Climb Chimborazo
Climb Chimborazo
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Climb Cotopaxi And Chimborazo

from $1,275.00$780.00

This could be a personal Goal or achievement, this organized expedition, will take about 5 days, plus a day for making arrangements prior to the climbs.

Before the climbs, climbers can take acclimatization plans, or self-guided trips such as Rucu Pichincha, or Quilotoa loop trek, this are easy and can be done without the assistance of guides , then we can proceed to the major expeditions, first Cotopaxi and then  Chimborazo Ecuador highest summit, and the closest point from Earth to the sun,

Climb Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, Ecuador´s 2 highest peaks.

  • Climb Cotopaxi Volcano expedition, within the Cotopaxi National Park, is the second-largest mountain in Ecuador and its 5,897m (19,347ft) summit makes it one of the largest active volcanoes in the world.

Mount Cotopaxi is the most popular climb in Ecuador because of its stunning views of the crater at the summit and because backpackers with no mountain climbing experience can attempt the climb.


  • Chimborazo is the largest mountain in Ecuador and its 6,310 meters (20,565 ft) equatorial summit is the closest point to climb cotopaxi and chimborazo with the bestthe sun on Earth.  Our experienced high-altitude mountain guides are certified with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to work inside Chimborazo National Park as well as ASEGUIM, the national mountain climbing association of Ecuador.



Training for Chimborazo: We recommend for climbers to get well acclimatized for Chimborazo prior to starting the expedition.  Chimborazo is a difficult climb but it’s not a complete technical climb and most of the ascent is a steep trek up the side of the mountain.

Climb Chimborazo Costs:

  • $1050 – 1 climber /  1 guide

  • $780 – 2 climbers / 1 Guide

  • Chimborazo High camp.

More and more climbers are choosing this new option, which starts at 5300 m, again the climb takes 2 days, but starting at this Climb Chimborazo Experience 2018elevation cuts the attack time in almost half, making it even possible to climb the mountain in the afternoon, here is a short video of a rare Summit done by our clients at Sunset 6 pm.

Pricing for the expedition with High Camp with Oxigen.

We can include an oxygen tank for the high camp at $30 additional per bottle.

  • $860per person if 2 people
  • $1150 private tour

How to Train for Chimborazo?

  • Endurance

Training for Chimborazo is all about endurance if you live at sea level, and this is your personal challenge, running long distances will give you the resistance your body needs for the actual climb.

At least one or two days at high elevation will allow your body to get used to the altitude, you can also trek a smaller mountain, such as Carihuairazo or Cotopaxi, this will take you about 5 days in total.

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  • for 2 people P/P

  • Private tour


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    All about the Climb Cotopaxi And Chimborazo.

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